In Vitro Studies

ATLANGRAM can achieve in vitro studies on more than 300 species of hospital and community characterized bacterial strains according to project’s requirements. We work with Biosafety Level 2 practices, equipment and facility design.


Our experienced professionals provide diverse and flexible services:

  • Determination of minimum inhibitory and bactericidal concentrations (MICs, MBCs), post-antibiotic effect (PAE), time-kill studies
  • Combinations studies: FIC index, time-kill studies, checkerboard (classic or dynamic approach)
  • Biofilm activity (on biofilm formed or inhibition of its formation): MICs, time-kill studies
  • Determination of mutation frequencies


ATLANGRAM conducts studies with carriers of antibiotics such as nanoparticles or biomaterials, and we are able to determine the ex vivo activity of antibiotics in complex media type fibrin clots.